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Physical Therapy

Cute Baby Crawling

Our pediatric physical therapist can assist your child with some of the following issues and more:

  • Torticollis

  • Developmental Delays

  • Plagiocephaly

  • Gait Abnormalities

  • Cerebral Palsy

Feeding Therapy

Baby Eating Food

Our speech-language pathologist can assess and treat for feeding and swallowing challenges including:

  • Bottle or Food Refusal

  • Gagging/Vomiting

  • Restricted/Picky Eating

  • Dysphagia

Speech Therapy

Reading a Book

Our speech-language pathologist is able to evaluate and treat for a variety of speech and language disorders and differences including:

  • Autism

  • Apraxia of Speech

  • Articulation/Phonology

  • AAC

  • Developmental Delay

  • Stuttering

  • Social Pragmatics

Sprout Pediatric Therapy is an outpatient clinic that provides evaluation and treatment for patients ages birth-21 year needing speech, feeding, or physical therapies by board certified therapists in the Madison, AL area.

Check early milestones below to see if your child's development is on track!

4-6 Months


  • Lifts head during tummy time

  • Rolls to both sides


  • Accepts baby cereal and thin puree baby foods

11-12 Months


  • Stands alone

  • Taking independent steps


  • Chews chopped table foods

  • Weaning from bottle


  • Says 1 word meaningfully

  • Makes environmental sounds "vroom, meow"

  • Imitates some simple words "uh oh, mama"


  • Responds to their name

  • Looks at people or objects you name (dada, dog)

  • Understands simple directions "come here", "no"

Social & Play

  • Copies play actions (rolling ball, stacking blocks)

  • Smiles and looks at others

  • Laughs at games like peek-a-boo

6 Months


  • Rolls back to belly

  • Rolls belly to back

  • Sits alone


  • Opens and closes lips for spoon bites

  • Begins accepting meltable solids

18 Months


  • Begins to run

  • Stair with support (rail or hand)


  • Says 5-20 words independently

  • Imitates several animal sounds


  • Follows simple directions "sit down", "come here"

  • Comprehends about 50 words (points to a dog, eyes, banana when asked

Social & Play

  • Repeats waving and saying "hi" or "bye bye"

  • Plays with toys as intended

  • Seeks you out for games or play

8-9 Months


  • Crawling on all fours

  • Pulling up on furniture


  • Able to drink from straw or sippy cup

  • Consumes mashed or lumpy soft foods

2 Years


  • Walks backwards

  • Stairs without support


  • Eating most all age-appropriate foods


  • Has 50 words

  • Puts 2 words together "more milk"


  • Follows 1-step directions (put the cup on the table)

  • Identifies many objects (body parts, pictures in books)

Social & Play

  • Uses pretend play (cooking, feeding toys)

  • Sings parts of nursery rhymes

Our Pediatric Team

Macy Holley,

Macy graduated with honors from the University of St. Augestine doctorate therapy program. Macy worked at a pediatric outpatient clinic where she developed her love for working with kids. Macy was able to further enforce her passion for pediatric therapy after completed her final clinical experience at a pediatric neurological facility in Texas. She enjoys working with kids of all ages.

Rachel Crowell,

Rachel received her Bachelor's in Communication Disorders from Middle Tennessee State University and Master's in Speech Pathology from the University of Tennessee. She has 7 years experience providing speech and feeding therapy. Prior to moving to the Huntsville area, Rachel also served as an adjunct professor in Special Education at MTSU.

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